Vibes of the Vines - Wine/Music Pairings - Bank Holiday Mon 30th August -2pm

    Vibes of the Vines - Wine/Music Pairings - Bank Holiday Mon 30th August -2pm


      "There’s a glass of wine in front of you. 


      A glint of its rich luminescent ruby hue catches your first attention. You delicately grip the stem of the glass and notice how the fluid undulates against the subtle movements of your wrist. It writhes against the glass leaving some of itself to slide seductively back to the pool of its maker by way of its long and patient legs.


      You bring the glass to your nose and take in the subtle nuance of spice, leather and fruit that blooms the slight burn of alcohol.


      A taste.


      The flavors, birthed from its scent, evolve as they roll over and around your tongue. The tannic grasp around your teeth and gums playfully pulling your tongue to rid your mouth of them while urging you to feel the weight of the juice shifting between your jaws and cheeks. You force it all away with the hope that the impressions remain present in your mouth long after a single bittersweet swallow.


      This is the final moment and the culmination of the life of any wine. 


      Is there something missing? What do you hear? What noise does that specific package of sensations offer? Doesn’t the life and all the dedication and hard work deserve an overture? At the very least a fitting playoff?


      With recent surges of the professional sommelier popping up in the mainstream (see SOMMUncorked and any number of en trade concepts in the market today) there’s more opportunity to pairing than in just the classic "wining and dining."


      What I am attempting to do with this exercise is to put some parameters on pairing wine with music based on how we perceive the sensations, the terminology we use, and the process used in making these very different works of art. 


      Music fills the only classic sensory void that is present in that glass of wine. Very simply, they go together and enhance the experience of one another in ways, albeit slightly more abstract, similar to that of food and wine. A good sommelier won’t distract one element from another and I think this can also be achieved with deliberate choice of music in the place of (or at least in conjunction with) food.

      With Love,

      Your Friendly Neighbourhood Sommelier"



      Included with ticket:


      Wines and Music that go together for a variety of reasons.  Some nibbly bits from our Parlourmentary counter and a whole lot of chat from Your Friendly Neighbourhood Sommelier, J Corey Evans.