Blackbook, Night Jar, Pinot Noir, England

    Blackbook, Night Jar, Pinot Noir, England


      A great example of the earthiness that is capable by Pinot Noir when treated very gently in an up and coming area for wine growing.


      The nose holds all of the fruit. But don't go expecting a darkfruit-juicy wine on the palate. This one is full of forest floor and rainy days in the vineyard. In the most tasty way, of course.


      Muy delicioso IF you like this kind of character in wines. Nuit-St-Georges is famous for these aromas and flavours with age, so this little beaut presents itself as new world on the nose then drops down to the ground like an old-world raindrop on your tongue. 


      Have a really juicy lean steak with it. A non-creamy peppercorn sauce would be on my plate. Or, just some light salty cheese.