How it all began..

by James Fowler on April 08, 2021

Bodega was a passion project built by friends, Megan Fowler-Spink and Andrew Feilden in 2016. 

It started its life as a wine bar & deli with an extensive off-licence with some of the world finest drops and majority of Europes most delicious and well sourced cheeses.

Meg and Andy both shared the passion for great wines, and excellent service.  Passionate about high quality wine from small producers with a clear focus on organic and low intervention wine making methods. 

Over the years the Bodega won a series of impressive accolades, becoming recognised as one of the top wine bars in England by both the Observer & Olive Mag. Bodega was also a hit locally, winning best bar in Christchurch from 2016- 2018 and best bar in the BH postcodes in 2019. 

After four brilliant years of the Bodega, Meg and Andy decided to branch out to new projects, turning one of Christchurch's oldest dive pubs in to an affluent venue to boast about.

With both projects rocketing as well as the global pandemic, both Andy and Meg found the need to simplify projects with both of our family's growing in numbers too. Andy now has the monopoly of the brilliant Smugglers Run in Christchurch. Whilst Megan continues to focus on the bodega now joined my husband and fellow wine buff James Fowler. 


Megan and Andy